"Live is simply better!"

"Of course we are present at opti and look forward to seeing our customers again. We work in an industry where you have to feel the product. As nice as digital is, live is simply better! At OCULUS even more so, because we measure and refractionate and you can't do that digitally in this form.

Our live events, the OCULUS EXPO DAYS, have shown that our customers long to meet and have missed the technical discussion very much. We are already looking forward to welcome many customers at our booth."

Rita Kirchhübel, Marketing Director, OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH

"Largest and most important trade fair for ophthalmic optics in Europe"

"opti is the largest and most important trade fair for ophthalmic optics in Europe and the first major live event for us after two years. The whole Menicon team is looking forward to finally seeing our partners, competitors and all other faces of the industry live again.

We hope to make inspiring contacts, further develop partnerships with existing customers and, of course, inspire new customers for our products and for Menicon. Our main topics will be the 70th Menicon company anniversary as well as the completion of our Miru 1day UpSide and Miru 1day Flat Pack daily lens familys."

Bastian Riebold, Managing Director of Menicon

"Can a year get off to a better start?"

"A year without opti is now behind us due to the corona pandemic. We are looking forward to opti 2022 even more. It is always a real highlight for us to be present at the great industry get-together of our market. Can a year get off to a better start than with the opportunity to present new products to an interested trade audience, exchange experiences, maintain existing contacts and create new partnerships?

opti is the best opportunity for this and we are pleased and hope that all this will be possible again next year. Even though there are now good virtual options, a live event still has a special flair and will be irreplaceable in the future."

Stephan Hinkerode, General Manager Nordic Countries, D-A-CH (Germany, Austia, Switzerland), UK and Ireland at Marcolin

"We are really looking forward to Munich!"

"We lived off opti 2020 for months; it gave us a boost that lasted the whole year. One year without opti has been enough. We are really looking forward to Munich and the industry meeting in January, and we know from our webinars and digital events that our customers also can't wait to see us live and in person again."

Willi Gronau, Managing Director of Luneau Technology Deutschland

"No virtual meeting in the world can offer all these options"

"Ophthalmic optics thrive on personal contact. I miss the planned and the spontaneous meetings that only a trade fair can provide. I would like to be able to see all the collections of frames that it would be impossible to see in the shop. I would like to have an optometric device shown to me and be able to compare it directly with another one a few metres away. And I would like to be able to talk shop with representatives from the lens and contact lens manufacturers and spot a colleague out of the corner of my eye and draw them in on the spur of the moment.

And last but by no means least, I would like to be on the ZVA stand and available to all those professionals who want to talk to me or my colleagues from the committee and the board about professional policy issues or their specific concerns and needs. No virtual meeting in the world can offer all these options at the same time and in the same place. Only the opti can.

So I am looking forward to the long-overdue "family reunion" in Munich to spend three days together and collectively consider how we can provide our customers with even better care and inspire them in the future."

Thomas Truckenbrod, President of the Central Association of Opticians and Optometrists

"An optical trade show of the new era"

"Much will be different at trade fairs in the coming years. But one thing we do know for sure: we have an incredible longing to see our customers in person again. To talk about the things that you can't discuss so well on the phone or digitally. To show them our products. To be able to demonstrate and touch them. To explain our service packages. And just to have fun together. To motivate each other and encourage each other to try new things. And to invest in that.

Munich in the middle of January has always been the perfect time window for the majority of us. Provided the infection rates and our precautionary measures don't put a stop to all our plans, opti 2022 is going to be fabulous. At last we will all be together again. Experiencing an optical trade show of the new era is something no one should miss."

Josef May, Chairman of the Board of the industry association SPECTARIS

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