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In 2022, the sustainability webinars at opti FORUM XT gave rise to the idea of communicating and bundling sustainable actions and processes of every individual in the industry in order to encourage as many imitators as possible. The sustainability community of interest was born and has been meeting regularly online and in person at opti ever since. 


Saving plastic in ophthalmic optics or at least making it recyclable - that is currently the focus of the community of interest. This is a very ambitious project, which can be vividly illustrated by the topics of "support discs" and "contact lens blisters". This requires the commitment of the entire industry.

Active partners of the Sustainability Interest Group

DAO – Stefan Rüdiger

DEOMA – Alex Picicci

FS – Frank Sonnenberg

Koberg & Tente – Frank Tente

Markus T – Markus Temming

Optik Angst – Bernd Angst

Optik Müller – Reinhard Müller

Optik Marx – Carina Freytag-Hafen

Optik Riedinger – Marina Riedinger

partnerauge – Ingo Rütten

pricon – Matthias Köste

Visall – Mareike Noé

Wardakant – Niklas Warda

opti – Cathleen Kabashi

Rodenstock - Matthias Neumann

You would like to become a participant of the Sustainability Interest Group? Then please contact Lidia Ricco from the opti team

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