The key topics of opti 2022: sustainability and myopia management


opti 2022 picks up on the trend topic of sustainability - whether in terms of an overall business commitment or product-related.

For example, the optics industry is increasingly paying attention to:

  • its CO2 footprint
  • short distance logistics for raw materials and precursor products
  • Regional production using plant-based or recycled materials

Glasses made by 3D printing have become state of the art, which makes big storage areas largely unnecessary and is waste-free.

Two related webinars from the opti FORUM XT have been well received and provided valuable impulses.

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In these times of intensive use of mobile phones and other digital devices the trend topic myopia management is increasingly gaining in importance. opti 2022 will present:

  • Spectacle lenses that not only help to control myopia, but even slow down progressive short-sightedness
  • multifocal daily disposable contact lenses
  • orthokeratology night lenses, to reshape the cornea during sleep, enabling clear vision during daytime without visual aids

Artificial intelligence is also becoming more and more incorporated into optics:

Using AI, automated multi-pathology retinal screening can reliably detect AMD, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy within a few seconds.

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