Sustainability is no longer just a good feeling. Ophthalmic optics is also showing more and more attitude, entrepreneurially, with products and services. It is about much more than the use of exciting organic materials. You could also see this at opti 2023 and find out more about the focus topic "sustainable"! At the opti SUSTAINABILITY HUB, industry representatives and experts met to exchange ideas.

Two related webinars from the opti FORUM XT have been well received and provided valuable impulses.

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All exhibitors 2023 on the topic of sustainability


At opti 2023 in January, several focus areas were devoted to myopia management. Are glasses a new alternative to slow down myopia progression? Expert panels, lectures and one-on-one meetings with representatives of well-known exhibitors discussed these and other exciting approaches at the opti MYOPIA HUB in Hall C3. "Measure, not estimate.

The axis length makes the difference." OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH - International showed at opti at booth C3.511, for example, that not only the young customer group can benefit from a measurement with their Myopia Master®.

Two webinars of the opti FORUM XT have brought a lot of encouragement with valuable impulses.

All exhibitors 2023 on the topic of myopia management


The main topics of myopia management and sustainability were explored in greater depth in focus areas. In the opti SUSTAINABILITY HUB and opti MYOPIA HUB, not only information but also inspiration awaited you in Hall C3 - whether in impulse contributions, in discussion rounds or in the individual exchange of experiences with experts and practitioners. A community of interest with representatives from industry and your ranks used opti as a platform to advance their heart topic of sustainability together and with new comrades-in-arms.

  • Hall C3, Stand 350
  • 20-minute keynote speeches on all three days of the fair, always at 12:00 and 15:00 (Sun only at 12:00), followed by fishbowl discussion
  • on topics such as "Recycling of contact lens blisters", "Processing of grinding water", "Environmentally compatible recycling of support discs".
  • industry experts on site, also for personal exchange of experiences

Program Download (Sorry, this time in German only)

  • Includes 2 informative focus areas in Hall C3, Stand 334 and 342 powered by HOYA
  • lectures by leading exhibitors and industry representatives in the field of myopia management during the 3 days of the fair
  • ... but also the opportunity for direct, personal exchange with the experts
  • Lectures on "Intelligent myopia management in children" and "Myopia progression despite 0.0 dpt", among others.

Program Download (Sorry, this time in German only)

Following the opti FORUM XT sustainability webinar in spring 2022, the participants from the ophthalmic optics industry agreed that they wanted to communicate and bundle the meaningful activities of everyone in the industry in order to activate as many followers as possible. The Sustainability Interest Group was born and has met regularly online and at opti.

One of its current goals is to save plastic in ophthalmic optics or at least making it recyclable. This is a very ambitious project, which can be clearly illustrated by the topics of "support glasses" and "contact lens blisters". This requires the commitment of the entire industry. And so the survey of the Sustainability Interest Group not only contains questions for opticians, but also for manufacturers of spectacle frames and contact lenses. The results provide information for the next steps and will be processed by Sustainability Interest Group for the industry.


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