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Sports optics

Today, sport is more than just a hobby or leisure activity; many people are interested in continuously improving or maintaining their physical fitness and mental strength. Specifically adapted optical aids and the recognition of the importance of vision for sporting performance are the cornerstones on which an optimised and active sporting experience is built. People, regardless of their age, actively participate in various sports, improve their athletic skills and, in addition to the joy of being active in sports, strive just as much for the success of proving their performance. 

Whether young or old, athletes appreciate the role that optics play in their athletic performance and use specially fitted glasses or contact lenses. Experienced athletes in particular recognise the importance of eye health and visual clarity to their performance and safety.

In general, today's generation of athletes, regardless of age, cannot be compared to previous ones, as sport plays an immensely important role. 

Significance for optics: 

Sports optics contains many exploitable opportunities, as the sports and leisure market is and will remain highly attractive for professionals and recreational athletes. Accordingly, the sales potential for special sports eyewear and the demand for all-round advice adapted for this is high. Many active people are looking for individually adapted solutions for their sport - be it running, golfing, cycling, or sailing. Good vision is an indispensable prerequisite. The constant development in questions of materials for lenses and frames helps to improve the quality of optical solutions and to establish and expand sustainable relationships with customers in the exchange of their concrete sports optics needs. 

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