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Smart Contactlenses

Smart Contact Lenses are a futuristic innovation in optics, adding a layer of digital technology to traditional contact lenses to provide users with an immediate-enhanced visual experience. Beyond correcting vision problems, using Smart Contact Lenses means seeing access to digital information directly on the lens of the eye through integrated displays. Furthermore, the attractive possibility to experience the environment through augmented reality. 

Analogous to smart glasses, the goal here is also to enable an interactive, high-quality visual experience. Future use in health monitoring is conceivable, for example in the form of protective lenses against radiation or dehydration.  

Significance for optics: 

Smart Contact Lenses offer users completely new, innovative functions that deviate from the familiar contact lenses and are suitable for everyday use or can gradually become so. These products are not yet suitable for the mass market, but they are generating a lot of interest among end consumers. In addition to integrated technology, material research plays a major role. Questions of flexibility, robustness and air permeability are decisive for further development. Another exciting question is when and how many high-end consumers will be ready to integrate smart contact lenses into their daily lives.  

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