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Robot interaction

Robots working together with humans are not new in many industries, such as car production. Robots are also used across the board in warehouses.  
Increasingly, however, the machines are also being used in other environments. In restaurants and private kitchens, for example, they will help prepare meals, serve food or perform concierge services.  
They are already used, for example, in elderly care and nursing in Japan, as well as to some extent in the operating theatre. The challenge is often that they should work side by side with people and complement each other rather than replace people. 

Significance for optics: 

Robot technology is being continuously expanded in all sectors and all areas of the industry. With sensibly used robots that already have a certain degree of sensor technology, including the possibility of image processing, automation is being driven forward.   

Smart robots can take over monotonous, strenuous tasks and support skilled workers regardless of time. This creates better working conditions and relieves the skilled workers - a promising perspective with regard to the shortage of skilled workers.  

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