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Resilient supply chains

Supply chains consist of complex, globally networked systems and precisely coordinated processes that are susceptible to a multitude of individual disruptive factors. Even small local errors in a subsystem can bring global supply chains to a standstill. 

One of the core tasks of supply chain management is therefore to construct supply chains that have great resilience to known and unknown influencing factors.  

Resilient supply chains are not only characterised by their actual resilience to - and continued operation in the event of - disruptions occurring, nonetheless. They can also adapt agilely to the context in the event of a disruption. By reorganising individual links in the chain, they quickly regain their former performance. 

Significance for optics: 

Of course, all sectors have been severely affected by the disrupted supply chains since 2021. Long waiting times as well as enormous price increases make planning security enormously difficult. For the industry, in addition to contingency plans, risk management is primarily required here to create or maintain resilience. Therefore, building resilient partnerships is an important step in this direction. 

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