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Myopia management

The likelihood of myopia is increasing, according to some studies, not least due to increasing digitalisation and increased activities of people at close and indoor range. In optics, myopia management is the preventive science of the 21st century, using technological advances and a sound understanding of eye physiology to provide people with helpful methods to control and potentially slow down myopia. Myopia awareness and management means taking a proactive role in maintaining eye health, minimising potential risks from childhood and optimising the state of visual health. 

Which path one chooses to promote a healthy and conscious visual culture is a question of individual design. For some, it is the regular checking and fitting of prescription lenses or contact lenses, for others, for example, the use of orthokeratological contact lenses during sleep. Still others focus on adjusting their lifestyle such as limiting screen time or ensuring sufficient time outdoors to balance and rest their eyes. 

Significance for optics: 

In the world of optics, myopia management offers the possibility of controlling the progression of myopia through conscious eye training and adapted visual aids such as specially designed lenses. Coupled with this, physical resilience, and a concrete awareness of one's own visual health can be built for long-term health. Since the trend towards intensive use of digital devices will probably continue to increase and there are different perspectives on myopia treatment and its risk reduction across the sector, many options in handling still need to be clarified. 

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