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Whether cooperation or collaboration - what counts in the end is the result of mutual support and cooperation between those in an industry or within different industries where similar interests and the same target group in general invite synergy effects. However, this requires being unconcerned about competitive situations and overcoming any fear of contact. With the complex tasks of the future, some will hardly be solvable alone, but rather jointly or interdisciplinary. Because of digitalisation, it will be even more opportune in the future to use all possibilities of mutual support - taking into account the legal situation. It is precisely new ways that invite you to look beyond your own nose - and to broaden your horizons as a pioneer with a changed perspective. 

Significance for optics: 

This trend offers new perspectives for opticians and optometrists in the exchange of interests with like-minded people. For example in the field of style consulting: Not only good vision, but also good looks - that is the motto for spectacle wearers. The generic term style consulting includes colour consulting, type consulting, hairstyle and make-up consulting. In some cases, it is already part of the training of opticians, and some companies work together with specially trained image, colour, and style consultants in order to provide customers not only with purely optical advice on lenses and frames, but also with the fashion advice aspect. Also conceivable in the future are separate cooperations between sports retailers and opticians to offer the target group a special service accordingly, from the optics to the sporty functionality to the fashion effect of the sporty visual aids. Furthermore, increased collaboration with ophthalmologists, orthoptists, optometrists and paediatricians is also worthwhile - especially when it comes to resolving the often problematic interfaces between all areas involved in eye health and its maintenance and promotion.   

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