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Inclusive work

Promoting an inclusive worker community means that structures are created by the company that enable every person - including those with disabilities - to be a valuable part of the working community from the very beginning. The policy of diversity primarily includes the dismantling of barriers of any kind, be it spatially in the company buildings or mentally in the minds of everyone involved. 

Significance for optics: 

The optical industry also offers good opportunities for the integration of people with disabilities. Inclusive cooperation between people with and without disabilities is often a win-win situation for companies - and not just in terms of numbers. 

Examples are optician trainees with Asperger's syndrome or employees with specific knowledge in the whole diverse spectrum of the optical industry and its craft part.  
With a tolerant and supportive work culture, they are all integrated into the companies without any difference in treatment or handling. Last but not least, inclusion naturally promotes the attractiveness of the employer due to the lived corporate responsibility. 

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