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Hearing acoustics

Hearing care is an essential part of the world of audiology, which focuses on improving and restoring hearing quality. Hearing care takes an active approach to maintaining and improving hearing to maintain or optimise communication skills and thus facilitate important social interactions. 

The focus is on creating a clear, comfortable, and natural hearing experience. As different as people's demands and needs are, as many different methods are in use: from individually fitted hearing aids that are adapted to the specific hearing needs of the individual to the use of cochlear implants or bone conduction hearing aids to improve hearing. With the societal trend towards ageing, preventive care takes on greater importance. Regular hearing tests and preventive measures to recognise signs of hearing loss in time and to counteract them are intended to protect hearing, which is important for quality of life, and to preserve it for as long as possible. 

Significance for optics: 

Hearing care offers the opportunity to heighten clients' awareness of their hearing needs, and to provide personalised hearing enhancement solutions. This can build a holistic awareness of one's sensory capabilities for long-term health as the trend towards integrating hearing technologies with optical is on the rise. 

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