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Dynamic Storytelling

Stories offer the opportunity to convey information and at the same time arouse emotions. Storytelling has always been in the focus of the media and publishing industry. For marketing, storytelling is increasingly relevant as it offers an interesting alternative to the one-sided presentation of advertising messages. In the meantime, storytelling has changed with social and technological changes. It has shed linear forms and become dynamic.  

Significance for optics: 

Storytelling is an ideal opportunity for the optical industry to intensively expand the personal approach to customers. In this way, companies and optical businesses can communicate their corporate values and build trust with their (potential) customers.  

With photos, videos and social media posts, businesses and companies present themselves in a sympathetic manner, regardless of their size, allow end consumers to look behind the scenes and act at eye level. In this way, they convey their competence, their connection with the region and the customers as well as their social awareness. 

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