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Direct to Consumer

The direct or short path to the customer as a sales and marketing model is based on the elimination of all intermediaries. Both large manufacturing companies and (small) brands can sell their products directly to end customers without detours. For this purpose, high-reach or special niche platforms are used, as well as - often in a second step - own web shops. 

Through a social media presence, brands can now achieve high reach. Brands with such a business model create - due to a narrow product focus and niche target groups - a high customer lifetime value and strong customer loyalty.  

Significance for optics: 

For companies in the optics industry, it can be advantageous to use the short path to the customer and thus the direct line in the form of feedback and exchange via social media channels. In addition to optimal and customer-focused performance, valuable information can also be collected with which the target customers can be addressed in a customised manner in the future. This makes it possible to react more quickly to changes in the market. 

What changes are in store, especially in the online sector, whether omnichannel models will increasingly prevail, what needs customers will develop on- and offline, are important questions for the future of optics. 

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