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Cyber Security

Cyber security is the central countermeasure for digital attacks. Cyber-attacks can have different backgrounds. Often, the perpetrators are financially interested. They blackmail their victims with ransomware and demand a ransom. The trend of working from home makes it easier for attackers to spread their malware. The use of employees' own devices also opens doors into otherwise relatively well-secured company networks. 

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in both attack and defence scenarios. For example, autonomous vehicles can be made to brake abruptly by brief displays on digital billboards. At the same time, algorithms analyse the behaviour of users and uncover anomalies that indicate attacks. In the future, security will continue to be weighed against freedom and comfort. 

Significance for optics: 

Due to the advancing digitalisation, there is an increasing need for the optical industry to protect digital company assets and sensitive information about orders, partners, suppliers, and customers against attacks from the digital space.  

Every company that increasingly digitalises sensitive processes such as accounting or customer management should take far-reaching digital security measures to be comprehensively protected in the future. This also requires small, custom-fit solutions for ophthalmic optician stores. 

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