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Mindfulness is the alternative medicine of the performance society, which borrows from Buddhist traditions to give people tools for conscious living and soul training. Living mindfully means acquiring mental strategies for everyday life to release negative thought patterns or learn to deal with challenging situations. 

The goal is therefore to create a positive, authentic attitude towards life. Which path each individual takes is different: For some it is daily meditation with the smartphone app, for others the regular digital detox holiday. Still others radically change their lives and set up a life based on their own rhythm. 

Significance for optics: 

Mindfulness also offers the possibility in the world of optics to reduce everyday stress through conscious mindfulness training. This can build mental resilience and a concrete awareness of one's own well-being for long-term health. Assuming that the trend towards working longer will continue or grow, mental strategies for everyday life can help to better deal with demanding situations and help the team to be motivated and on track. 

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