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For eyewear lovers and independent opticians. Durable and versatile Slim frames made from a resource-saving, recycled castor seed. A Slim O-CCX frame is a natural product. You can feel that!

The collection puts a smile on the face of spectacle wearers and reveals what suits them. The shapes express a feeling for life and reflect the personality of the wearer - aesthetically and psychologically. The technologies ensure future viability because they appeal to the customers of tomorrow and make choosing eyewear a "piece of cake".

"Innovative design is always created in tandem with innovative technology and is never an end in itself."

Peter Meyer, Founder O-CCX


James Ay

The young Danish label James Ay is a tribute to the modern inventor of sunglasses James Ayschough (1720-1759), a true pioneer of his time and inquisitive nature. James Ay is started on the premise that every time you put on a pair of sunglasses, you are in a moment where the sun lightens your heart and frees your mind.

The plant-based sunglasses are assembled by hand and crafted with care. The used acetate comes from Italy only, the eyewear’s silhouettes are timeless with no compromises in quality.

"Are we perfect yet? Not by a long shot. But we constantly work towards one day making an all positive impact."

Torben Holt, Founder James Ay



Depending on the occasion, outfit or mood. The patented 2-in-1 glasses from YQU are the first to have a "reversible" frame: a unique hinge makes it possible to rotate the temples by up to 360 degrees - whether glasses with prescription or sunglasses.

The inventors of the two-tone frames are based in Böblingen, Swabia, and production is carried out in cooperation with their partner Edelweyes in Austria. The focus is on individuality, quality, service and sustainability.

"The idea for the 2-in-1 glasses came about on a warm spring day."

Tim Ruckaberle, inventor and founder



Using natural materials, creating less waste, implementing a circular economy concept, cooperating with others and supporting those in need …

Travelling the world between South America, Asia and Europe and seeing the negative impact of humanity on nature, twin sisters decided to start making a difference, combining their expertise in eye medicine and commitment to sustainability. The result will be launched at opti 2023! 5Loops, a sustainable, stylish and authentic eyewear brand – and for the first time

"A sustainable and holistic approach towards eyewear production without compromising."

Caroline Vega, Andrea Sonntag-Vega, Founders 5Loops



martin schoeder

martin schoeder is synonymous with hand-crafted acetate frames made in Germany. The history of the label starts long before the establishment in 2022, in 1919 with an optician's store in Leipzig. There, acetate frames were already being custom made from the 60s onwards.

"From opticians for opticians" is the principle of martin schoeder. It is about quality and finest workmanship, exclusive design, and sustainability. The glasses should not pinch or disturb but flatter the nose.

"Together. Sustainable. Complete."

Martin Schöder, Founder

LARS Brillen

Form follows Function." LARS eyewear is based on the design theses of the influential modern industrial designer Dieter Rams. Reducing to the essentials, that's what it's all about. "One front, two side arms, four pins. That's it." The target group is people for whom consuming is more than a quick satisfaction and who value quality over quantity.

Every LARS frame is made 100 percent in Switzerland. By the time it reaches the customer, it has travelled an average of only 300 km.

"Our mission is to generate additional value for our customers."

Silvia Nadenbousch and Simon Krähenbühl, Co-Founder


Poplar Shade

Poplar Shade is long lasting eyewear of high quality with zero-impact. The Italian start-up has only North Italian suppliers, the eyewear comes in limited and hand numbered batches, using biodegradable or natural materials such as bioacetate, bio-nylon and buffalo horn.

For each eyewear produced a tree is planted in Guatemala that can be redeemed and localized through a unique code in every packaging. To maximise the social impact Poplar Shade donates one percent of the value of each product to a Local Guatemalan Onlus.

"A luxury product should be something for everybody to enjoy the benefits of."

Ian Devercelli, Founder Poplar Shade



RAYDIANT glasses are for those who consciously enjoy and want more and sustainable from the good. The label has been around since 2019. With its "relaxed exciting" eyewear clip system ("it's a kind of magic") the Cologne-based company is internationally known and exhibiting at opti for the second time.

The design at RAYDIANT has Italian roots, and the feather-light but durable frames are custom-made in Germany using 3D printing as the production process.

"Our philosophy: create products that still have value tomorrow."

Carmelo Di Termini, CEO RAYDIANT



Here, innovation meets design, original Saxon cosiness meets modernity, culture meets hipster. Locality plays a major role at LEIPZIG EYEWEAR; the diverse and special vibe of their hometown should be reflected in every frame of their "Made in Germany" collection.

All glasses are designed in a manufactory and made of polyamide and stainless steel. In this way, LEIPZIG EYEWEAR ensures efficient and sustainable production in addition to short delivery times.

We live "Made in Germany".

Sascha André Barkow, Founder


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