YES independent design: Two become one - and new

At opti 2019 we brought together what has long belonged together: the two established formats YES! and !HOT were expanding - and were merging to form the new YES independent design area.

YES Lounge

The YES! lounge was the perfect place of retreat to enjoy networking over some snacks and drinks. But of course you were also welcome if you just liked to take a break and have a nice cup of coffee.

In 2019 opti once again expanded its network by influencers of the fashion and eyewear industry. At the BLOGGER SPECTACLE, the bloggers selected the "top seven" of frame innovations and the coveted BLOGGER SPECTACLE award was also awarded.


All exhibitors of the YES independent design area can be found in the exhibitor catalogue at a glance! We have preset the practical filter for you.


opti is now on Instagram - check it out!


That's what awaited you:

  • plenty of space for the YES independent design people in two halls

  • contemporary, creative and progressive eyewear labels

  • focus on the particular niche market

  • large platform for the hype that continues unchecked to this day and the rising demand from the independent scene

  • exclusive selection thanks to our famously high entry requirements for inclusion in the YES community

If you wanted to see what the designs of tomorrow look like, the opti BOXES were a must. Selected young designers and start-ups showed how to interpret the world of looking good (and seeing well) and how to put all this into practice.


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