In 2019, opti presented a new format for the first time: the special opti SHOWCASE area provided a platform for a particular future-oriented topic – something specific so that the ideas can be implemented directly.

The customer journey broke new ground with all stations ("touchpoints") where customers come into contact with you.

Here you could learn how to perfectly steer the "shopping journey", in the specialist optician store as well as before and after the actual purchase!

Touchpoints of the customer journey:


Awaken interest

Advice and best practice on:

  • Spectacular window displays
  • Social media as a sales funnel
  • Company websites as meaningful business cards
  • Efficient public relations
  • Google: live monitoring of your website in relation to positioning, potential and SEP
  • Effective advertising


Using impulse purchases

Advice and best practice on:

  • POS: making shopping into an experience
  • The latest standards in online shops
  • Presentation of goods: turning customers into brand ambassadors
  • Personal coaching for better communication and identification
  • How genuine services turns customers into fans
  • Profitable cross-selling


The company as a whole

Advice and best practice on:

  • Market positioning: how to distinguish your company
  • Corporate design: visual imagery, colour concept, corporate font, logo design
  • Shop architecture and spectacular shop concepts
  • Story marketing: make your story into the story of your customers
  • Long-term product and assortment policy
  • Modern targeting: perfectly precise targeting
  • Performance: transforming customer reactions into measurable success
  • Special: "Heat Map" – haven’t heard of it? You have to see this…



Establish customer loyalty

Advice and best practice on:

  • Perfect newsletter design
  • Community building: the power of the masses
  • Managing events from A-Z
  • Customer care: the new marketing?
  • Social apps: enormous significance of reviews and understanding comments

In our new opti SHOWCASE area, we took you on the perfect customer journey in the optician's shop and made the new way of shopping a tangible experience.


opti project director Bettina Reiter and Jan Schemuth, managing director of rpc – The Retail Performance Company, explain the customer journey.


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