What makes me special? Which strengths can I exploit to impress my customers? How can I bring the look and feel of my store into line with my positioning? The opti SHOWCASE "Corporate Positioning" addresses questions of this nature. This special area will feature in hall C4 for the second time as a future-oriented platform with specific practical relevance.

Discover new potential right there with a virtual quiz using virtual reality glasses. Matching the result, best practice examples and experts are there for your detailed questions.

Three types of optometrist are on main focus: the fashionista with high quality standards and a focus on "fashion", the owner or traditionalist with a focus on "people" and the medical chief with a focus on "health". All three styles receive specific tips on the core topics of marketing, shop fitting and sales advisory.

In 2019, opti presented a new format for the first time: the special opti SHOWCASE area provided a platform for a particular future-oriented topic. The customer journey broke new ground with all stations ("touchpoints") where customers come into contact with you.


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