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The focus topics of opti show what moves the industry today and tomorrow. opti always has its finger on the pulse and not only offers insights into current developments and innovations, but also comprehensively prepares industry professionals for upcoming changes in optics & design. All trends, topics and news in the optics industry at a complete overview. 

At opti, the latest and upcoming eyewear styles are showcased: innovative designs, intelligent features, and must-haves. In line with fashion trends, alongside timeless classics, attention-grabbing favorites are also evolving to cater to every taste. 

The same applies to contact lenses, where diversity is marked by exciting developments like multifocal or keratoconus and scleral lenses. 

To the eyewear trends 2024


Health and well-being are central, especially when it comes to eye health. opti offers a holistic approach to prevention and aftercare, screening, visual comfort, and audiology. Innovative solutions and technologies are applied across different age groups, from children's glasses to sports eyewear, UV-protective sunglasses, and special screen and reading glasses.


Whether it's eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, reading glasses, eyeglass care products, or overall eye care, innovative concepts and technical solutions in the realm of healthy vision are crucial for the entire eyewear industry. Continuous developments lead to new products that pique consumer interest and offer additional business opportunities. 

Myopia management is driving the entire industry and is increasingly becoming an essential part of services at many opticians. An international knowledge exchange regarding the treatment and control of nearsightedness brings valuable insights.

Exciting discussions and new findings await you at the Myopia Hub at opti 2024. 

Learn more about Myopia Management at opti

Rising energy and raw material costs, along with growing environmental awareness, are profoundly influencing the industry. In the field of optometry, environmentally friendly technologies, resource-efficient practices, and innovative recycling approaches are widely adopted, both in production and operations. 

The opti Sustainability Award 2024 recognizes outstanding initiatives. Sustainable themes shaping the optics industry include climate protection, circular economy, zero waste for a packaging-free future, and clean environmental technologies. 

Learn more about Sustainability at opti


opti provides an extensive platform for knowledge transfer, sharing experiences, and further education in the optics industry. Nurturing young talent is a central concern. Trends, research, and new technologies are intensively discussed at opti. 

In addition to the opti Forum XT and opti Campus, exciting lectures and inspiring exhibitor tours offer opportunities for intensive knowledge transfer and networking. 


A wide product range, expert advice, sales-enhancing atmospheres, and additional services significantly influence purchasing decisions. opti inspires and supports the development of successful business models. 

Authenticity enhances customer loyalty. A company philosophy based on customer service, fair communication, and social responsibility strengthens the sustainability of optometry businesses. These values should be palpable at the optician's point of sale.


Secure a knowledge advantage thanks to opti: In a time when digitalization is becoming increasingly important both in operations and in optical manufacturing, opti presents the latest digital solutions. From smart glasses and smart contact lenses to 3D printing, optical screening, and cybersecurity. New technologies enable intelligent materials that are crucial for future business success.

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