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Take a look at the future: You'll find the latest eyewear trends here. Find out what opti 2024 has in store for you here first.


Eyewear trends 2023 - The most sought-after models ready to wear

These are the eyewear trends for 2023: They convince in sporty athleisure style, with transparent light plays, exciting colour gradients or embossed metal surfaces. We show you which eyewear trends will conquer the market and the hearts of all eyewear wearers in 2023.

1. eyewear trend 2023: Athleisure eyewear - sports glasses become a statement piece

Fotos: Cébé (1), BOGNER EYEWEAR @ Menrad (2), evil eye (3), BOGNER EYEWEAR @ Menrad (4), NEUBAU EYEWEAR (5), ic! berlin (6), Silhouette (7), MYKITA (8)

This year, the boundaries are blurring. The sporty-cool athleisure models are becoming suitable for everyday wear. Whether as prescription or sunglasses: oversized lenses, monoshields, side protection and bright colours make the fast glasses winners, even off the sports field.

Who looks good in Athleisure glasses?

Extroverts will love Athleisure glasses, as the stylish eye-catchers attract all eyes. Especially those with large faces benefit from this trend, which takes up a lot of space on the face.

If you have a delicate, narrow or small face, this look will flatter you in a less striking version: non-mirrored lenses, subtle tints and delicate, muted frames give your face enough room to shine.

2. eyewear trend 2023: Transparent frames - a clean look that catches the eye

Fotos: OWP (1), Rodenstock (2), Silhouette (3), HUMPHREY´S eyewear (4), Rodenstock (5), OWP (6), HUMPHREY´S eyewear (7), MARC O’POLO Eyewear (8)

Transparent and semi-transparent acetate frames radiate simple purism. But transparent does not mean colourless: The palette ranges from crystal-clear to powdery to colour-intensive shades.

Who looks good in transparent glasses?

These glasses are true combination wonders and go with every complexion and hair colour. They can be worn casually with jeans, classically with a blazer or romantically with a wedding dress. Round models go wonderfully with distinctly angular faces. Pastel shades and matt finishes soften angular features and make them look more delicate. Conversely, shiny, contrasting and angular frames add rigour and sharpen soft features.

3. eyewear trend 2023: Metal frames - matt and shiny in gold, silver and copper

Fotos: OWP (1), Rodenstock (2), JAGUAR EYEWEAR @ Menrad (3), TITANFLEX (4), Rodenstock (5), Metropolitan Eyewear (6), MEXX (7), NEUBAU EYEWEAR (8)

Whether high-gloss or matt brushed - the advantage of metal frames lies in their convincing versatility. The mostly lightweight models - made of gold-, silver- or copper-coloured metal, stainless steel and titanium - convince in 2023 with a discreet browline as well as a circular, angular or curved butterfly shape. Metal glasses that shine with a relief - a three-dimensional pattern on the temple - are given an extra noble touch.

Who looks good in gold, silver and copper settings?

As silver-coloured glasses are more discreet and timeless than their more extravagant gold and copper-coloured sisters, they are ideal for more reserved spectacle wearers. Gold and copper frames, on the other hand, attract more attention and put more focus on the face. Matt structures create subtle simplicity, while shiny models make a fashion statement. Those who know their colour type have an advantage: silver frames make a cool colour type shine - a warm skin undertone glows with gold and copper.

4. eyewear trend 2023: Colour gradients - for moving moments

Fotos: BRENDEL eyewear (1), MINI EYEWEAR (2), MEXX (3), UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON @ Mondottica (4), Rodenstock (5), MEXX (6), Pepe Jeans @ Mondottica (7), Silhouette (8)

An exciting eye-catcher is created by a combination of transparent or semi-transparent acetate frames with vivid colour gradients. The transmitted light allows the tones to gently flow into each other. Eyeglasses that are defined by colour contrasts and/or graphically clearly separated colour areas have a more striking and distinctive effect.

Who looks good in gradient glasses?

Best views: Gradient glasses emphasise an extravagant look that draws the focus to the face and eyes. The style is topped with patterned, colourful outfits. In combination with monochrome looks, glasses with striking colour gradients show their full potential. They become a signature accessory.

When looking at the shape of the face, trapezoidal contours with a narrow forehead and wide jaw are particularly advantageous. Here, a colour gradient from dark at the top to light at the bottom emphasises the narrow forehead and thus creates a harmonising counterpart for the fuller lower part of the face.

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