The last years revolved around bloggers and influence marketing. At the big fashion shows, actors and pop stars had to make way for (mostly) young opinion makers who took their places in the first row and now inform their followers about their experiences via blog, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat in an authentic and timely manner. 

opti was well aware of this development and provided exhibitors with a platform that gives them the opportunity to meet about twenty invited fashion and eyewear bloggers from all over Europe for the first time in 2017.

In January 2018, we presented the second BLOGGER SPECTACLE, this time with more than 25 bloggers.

In 2019, the spectacle enterd its third year:

At the trade show, bloggers invited from across Europe embarked on a communal tour of discovery at opti. The influencers learned about industry newcomers and then chose their breakout star of the year: ROUNDER ROUNDER aus Hongkong.

The awards ceremony took place in conjunction with the panel discussion "Greater visibility through social media in the optical industry?" at the opti FORUM, where lifestyle blogger Franzika Albrecht (Zukkermädchen Blog) and YouTube star Philipp Steuer discussed trends and influences in the industry.

After a communal lunch at the 2019 glass partner HOYA, the tour culminated in a visit to the top seven spectacles manufacturers. The bloggers voted on these in advance. They are:

  • Coblens    
  • frost eyewear  
  • KBL eyewear
  • Wagner + Kühner GmbH

#opti2019 #bloggerspectacle

Many thanks to our glass partner HOYA and contact lens partner Alcon.

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