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Danke! Thank you! Grazie! Merci! Gracias! Teşekkür ederiz! Bedankt! 谢谢!

The opti 2023 team says thank you to all exhibitors and visitors and is looking forward to opti 2024 in January in Munich!

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12. - 14.01.2024

Welcome back, opti! We take you on a tour through the exhibition halls! We show you which eyewear trends captured the hearts of all eyewear enthusiasts.


LARS Brillen scored with 3D printed frames that focus not only on timelessness but also sustainability.

The target group is people for whom consuming is more than a quick satisfaction and who value quality over quantity.

Every LARS frame is made 100 percent in Switzerland. By the time it reaches the customer, it has travelled an average of only 300 km.


They convince in sporty athleisure style, with transparent light plays, exciting colour gradients or embossed metal surfaces.

We show you which eyewear trends will conquer the market and the hearts of all eyewear wearers in 2023.


Three days opti, three days live, three days highlights. Here comes the clip of opti 2023!


In terms of content, the focus in 2023 will be on two major themes: sustainability and myopia management. Spectacle lenses that not only help to control myopia, but even slow down progressive short-sightedness, will be presented at the trade show in May 2022. The optics industry is also  increasingly paying attention to its CO2 footprint, and to ensuring that raw materials and precursor products are transported short distances.


Following the opti FORUM XT sustainability webinar in spring 2022, the participants from the ophthalmic optics industry agreed that they wanted to communicate and bundle the meaningful activities of everyone in the industry in order to activate as many followers as possible. The Sustainability Interest Group was born and has met regularly online and at opti.

One of its current goals is to save plastic in ophthalmic optics or at least making it recyclable. This is a very ambitious project, which can be clearly illustrated by the topics of "support glasses" and "contact lens blisters". This requires the commitment of the entire industry. And so the survey of the Sustainability Interest Group not only contains questions for opticians, but also for manufacturers of spectacle frames and contact lenses. The results provide information for the next steps and will be processed by Sustainability Interest Group for the industry.


You would like to become an exhibitor at opti and have questions?

The opti team will be happy to help you!


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