Whether trendy spots like !HOT and YES! area, or interesting topics on modern optician business: The opti 2017 shows the future of vision and the talents of tomorrow. Take a closer look!

In the YES! area in hall C4, designers and manufacturers of designer labels show the newest trends in glasses and frames. The YES! area is the meeting point for the design community. opti sets the trends with the YES! area, making it the trend radar for the coming year. Also located in the YES! area: the YES! lounge.



Discover exclusive products from China in our China pavilion. Throughout the main North entrance on the first floor manufacturers who have travelled from far will present you highlights of their business.

The future is digital! OPTIC 4.0 - Digital Solutions will allow opti 2017 to broaden the theme of digitalization in the optics sector and present smart innovations and solutions for digitized business.


In the !HOT area in hall C1 classics will celebrate their comeback at "Vintage Passion". It is the meeting point for collectors, fans and buyers of Browline, Cateye or Panto glasses.


Very young centerpiece for Independent Labels: !HOT area in hall C1. On about 1,800 square meters independent and fashion labels, from A-players over hip high potentials through to rookies can be found there. All the frames displayed there stand for a tangible designer to represent the product with his name.


Bye-bye mainstream, hello opti boxes! If you want to see what the designs of tomorrow look like, you cannot not miss the opti boxes in hall C1. Select young designers and start-ups show how to interpret the world of looking good (and seeing well) and how to put all this into practice.



As a promising optician, how can I focus on planning my career? opti Campus can give you advice on study programmes and practical education/further education opportunities! Where? In the passage way between hall C1 and hall C2 at the Northern end of the exhibition.

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