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opti CONNECT is the digital platform of opti 2025 and functions like a content platform. 

As an exhibitor, opti CONNECT gives you the opportunity to reach trade show participants online before, during and after the live trade show in a targeted manner and without wastage. The focus is on your contributions. 

With opti CONNECT, you attract more suitable visitors to your stand and ensure that they continue to hear from you regularly after the trade show. This makes it even easier for you to achieve your trade show and marketing goals. 

Read more about the advantages of the platform and book the package that suits you today.


  • Reach target groups without wastage
  • More opportunities to interact with visitors before, during and after the show
  • Better opportunity to digitally draw attention to your own trade show presence
  • Getting more visitors to your stand
  • Targeting the right people with your own content

Lead generation via appointment, invitation or message

A contact function is prominently offered on your exhibitor profile, which visitors can use to conveniently reach you. The visitor's contact details are automatically transmitted when he or she is logged in. A "Request appointment invitation" function is also offered, which the visitor can use to contact you, e.g. to receive a personal invitation to your stand.

Followers of your profile

Visitors can follow your profile. Try to gain as many followers as possible by promoting your profile and publishing exciting posts.

Unlimited product categories and focus topics

Increase the chance of being discovered: Product categories and focus topics allows website visitors to come across your offer through filter and search functions.

Send your articles in a personalised newsletter

Visitors can follow topics and exhibitors and are actively encouraged to do so during onboarding. Based on the topics and exhibitors followed, each visitor receives his/her personalised news by e-mail. Your posts will be sent in these updates by mail to the visitors who follow the topics linked in the post and/or their exhibitor profile.

Events with lead generation

Publicise events that take place on your stand during the show and actively attract the right people. Visitors can register for your events with one click. Thanks to the networking function, your event will show who is attending. And your event will be displayed in the visitor profile of the participants.

Presence on opti CONNECT until the next opti

The industry keeps itself informed on opti CONNECT even after the trade show. With this product, your profile and all your contributions remain online after the trade show and continue to generate impressions, views and leads - without any effort on your part.

Sign up at opti CONNECT, browse through other exhibitors' posts and start building your network today.

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