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Following the opti FORUM XT sustainability webinar in spring 2022, the participants from the ophthalmic optics industry agreed that they wanted to communicate and bundle the meaningful activities of everyone in the industry in order to activate as many followers as possible. The Sustainability Interest Group was born and has met regularly online and at opti.

One of its current goals is to save plastic in ophthalmic optics or at least making it recyclable. This is a very ambitious project, which can be clearly illustrated by the topics of "support glasses" and "contact lens blisters". This requires the commitment of the entire industry. And so the survey of the Sustainability Interest Group not only contains questions for opticians, but also for manufacturers of spectacle frames and contact lenses. The results provide information for the next steps and will be processed by Sustainability Interest Group for the industry.

Click here to take part in the IG Nachhaltigkeit survey for opticians.


Here you can access the survey of IG Nachhaltigkeit for contact lens manufacturers.


Frame manufacturers can take part in the IG Nachhaltigkeit survey here.


Active partners of the Sustainability Interest Group

DAO – Stefan Rüdiger

DEOMA – Alex Picicci

FS – Frank Sonnenberg


Koberg & Tente – Frank Tente

Markus T – Markus Temming

opti – Cathleen Kabashi

Optik Angst – Bernd Angst

Optik Müller – Reinhard Müller

Optik Marx – Carina Freytag-Hafen

partnerauge – Ingo Rütten

pricon – Matthias Köste

Optik Riedinger – Marina Riedinger

Rodenstock - Matthias Neumann

Visall – Carsten Mertens

Wardakant – Niklas Warda

You would like to become a participant of the Sustainability Interest Group? Then please contact Lidia Ricco from the opti team

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