Very young centerpiece for Independent Labels: !HOT area in hall C1. On about 1,800 square meters independent and fashion labels, from A-players over hip high potentials through to rookies can be found there. All the frames displayed there stand for handcraft, a philosophical mix of form, style and function, as well as a tangible designer to represent the product with his name.

You are an exhibitor and want to present yourself in the !HOT area? Sign up here!

In the !HOT area in hall C1 classics will celebrate their comeback at "Vintage Passion". It is the meeting point for collectors, fans and buyers of Browline, Cateye or Panto glasses.



The Walk of Frame serves as a link between the !HOT area and the long-time big names of hall C1 such as Safilo, Marchon, EBM or the Michael Pachleiter Group. The centrepiece is a long table that invites visitors to exchange ideas. Over their heads, the innovations of opti float in glass spheres. 


Feel like a refreshment? Then sit back and relax at the !HOT bar. Right in the centre of the !HOT area in hall C1, you can meet the creative people of the business, experience the creativity and passion of the industry through the exchange with colleagues, networking with new contacts or having a short break. Come along and try the specially created !HOT drink!

The !HOT area in hall C1 builds a design frame around the trade show together with the YES! area in hall C4. In addition to the YES! area, established in 2009, the !HOT area creates a second, new market place since 2016. All exhibitors of !HOT area at a glance!


Bye-bye mainstream, hello opti boxes! If you want to see what the designs of tomorrow look like, you cannot not miss the opti boxes in hall C1. Select young designers and start-ups show how to interpret the world of looking good (and seeing well) and how to put all this into practice.


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