People of the Ladakh region in Northern India wear "Shade of Love" sunglasses

Shades of Love

"The eye, the window of the soul", Leonardo da Vinci once wrote. The all-rounder of the Renaissance not only was a celebrated artist and poet, but also a scientific genius. As one of the first, in the early 16th century, he researched a kind of primal contact lenses. The view that the eye not only is an organ of sight, but also a matter of heart, is shared by opti. opti supports Shades of Love.

In the Himalayas, at an altitude of 2.800 to 5.000 m, people are exposed year-round to intense sunlight and harmful UV-rays. Nearly 80% of the population suffers from eye damage and serious eye diseases.

To help protect their vision, Jürgen Altmann, owner of the Aroma Kaffeebar in Munich, has launched Shades of Love - The Himalayan Eyewear Project.

The mission is to collect new and used sunglasses and distribute them throughout the Himalaya Region. Also in 2017 visitors brought their sunglasses to opti and supported the project.

Learn more about "Shades of Love - The Himalayan Eyewear Project" here.

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